I’m Andrew.

This website showcases my academic and creative work.

Recent work and activities:
> Essays: Reasserting Portuguese Influence in India? The Statue to Cristiano Ronaldo as Cultural Neocolonialism (26 Apr. 2023).

> Essay Update: The Return of Dom Sebastião? (4 Feb. 2023).

> Talks: ‘Public Memory Crises? Contesting Portuguese Imperial-Colonial Memory Sites’, King’s College London Confronting Crisis: Arts & Humanities Perspectives on a Changing World (20 May 2022, Lecture Theatre 3, Bush House North East Wing, London).

> Talks: ‘Decolonising Statues: Unmaking a Celebratory Discourse of Portuguese Imperialism and Colonialism in the Urban Public Space’, Cambridge University Heritage and Colonialism Discussion Group (20 Apr. 2022, via Zoom).

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